HostGator vs. DreamHost

HostGator vs DreamHost– When choosing amongst HostGator or DreamHost you will see that it can be a hard decision. In this HostGator vs. DreamHost review, Web Host Ranking will give you all the information you need about both of these cheap web hosting providers to help make your decision a little easier when choosing between DreamHost or HostGator. In addition we are going to offer you a HostGator coupon and DreamHost coupon code to help save you some money on these top web hosting providers.

Let’s give you a little history on both HostGator and DreamHost before we get comparing these web hosting providers. Both of these companies have been offering web hosting for quite some time and have established themselves as a top web hosting provider. Not only do both DreamHost and HostGator offer shared web hosting but they also offer dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and domain registration. Shared web hosting is by the far the most popular product that HostGator vs. DreamHost offer. In addition to those types of web hosting, HostGator also offers reseller hosting.

One of the reasons that you find both HostGator and DreamHost at the top of all web hosting comparisons is not only because of their web hosting features, but also because of their equipment they use. Look at HostGator vs. DreamHost and you will see that they use only the best server equipment. While that might not sound important to you, it is very important. By using the best web hosting equipment there is, you will have less downtime, faster servers, and a better experience. All of this for some of the lowest web hosting prices you find!

Now onto some specific information and the key reason for this DreamHost vs. HostGator review. The web hosting feature comparisons! As we said before both of these affordable web hosting providers offer a few types of web hosting but we are only going to concentrate on the shared web hosting plans. Let’s first take a closer look at the HostGator web hosting plans.

HostGator vs. DreamHost – HostGator Details:

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There are three shared web hosting plans offered by HostGator; Hatchling, Baby, and Business plan. All three web hosting plans have a specific person or business in mind. That means, depending on your website or websites one HostGator plan might be better than the other. The control panel that HostGator offers is the cPanel control panel for all their plans.

The HostGator hatchling web hosting plan features unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, a free website builder, free customer support, unlimited subdomains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited emails accounts, webmail, image programs, video support, WordPress, Fantastico, and much more. In the hatchling plan you are allowed to host one domain. This plan is geared towards individuals with only one website.

HostGator vs DreamHost

The HostGator baby hosting plan offers all the features of the hatchling plan with the addition of unlimited domains and the ability to have a private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. The key feature you will want in the baby hosting plan is the ability to host unlimited domains. This means you can host as many websites on your single account as you want. This isn’t reseller hosting though.

The HostGator business plan is designed just for that, businesses wanting and needing business web hosting. It includes all the listed features with a dedicated toll free number, private SSL certificate included for free, and a free dedicated IP address. The private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address are key for businesses.

Now onto the best part of this HostGator review. Our exclusive HostGator promos! You can save 20% off the normal HostGator price by just clicking our HostGator coupon links! That means that you can get the HostGator hatchling plan for as low as $3.96 a month, the HostGator baby plan for as low as $6.36 a month, and HostGator business plan for as low as $10.36 a month.

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DreamHost vs. HostGator – DreamHost Details:

Moving onto the DreamHost review. DreamHost has taken a different approach over HostGator and only offers one shared web hosting plan. With DreamHost you get unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited MySQL databases. Plus you have access to all the web hosting features that HostGator does including WordPress, eCommerce features, free customer support, and much more.

The normal price of the DreamHost web hosting plan is $8.95 a month. Slightly more that the HostGator baby plan which is the most comparable plan between HostGator or DreamHost. Web Host Ranking has a DreamHost coupon code in which all you have to do is type “bestsites25” in during your checkout process and you will get $25 off your annual plans. That brings the price down to about seven dollars a month.

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HostGator vs. DreamHost Winner!

As you can tell choosing between DreamHost or HostGator can be a difficult decision. It especially gets hard when you factor in our HostGator coupon and DreamHost coupon. In the end you can’t go wrong with either of these but if we had to choose one it would be HostGator because of the lower price and cPanel control panel. The cPanel control panel is easy and great to use.