Clean Air Hosting – Best UK Green Host

Clean Air Hosting – Best UK Green Host

WebHostRanking has chosen Clean Air Hosting for our Best UK Green Host award. This Clean Air Hosting review will offer information on the web hosting products and services offered by Clean Air Hosting. Keep reading to learn why we have chosen Clean Air Hosting for the Best UK Green Host award.

Since the web hosting industry was created, they have become one of the biggest sources of energy consumption among the industrial nation. When you consider just how quickly the Internet has grown, it is easy to understand why web hosting companies must utilize very large warehouses for the servers that house all the information being stored for every website on the net. It is imperative that web hosting companies provide adequate electricity to these massive servers to ensure your website runs smoothly. And in order to keep all of your information safe and secure they must also keep these servers in an environment that provides the perfect temperature year round. All of these things naturally use a good deal of energy.

Some web hosting companies have decided to step-up and take responsibility for using such a large chuck of our global energy resources. Clean Air Hosting is one of the web hosting companies that wants to do their part in providing “clean air” and protecting our energy resources. One of the ways a web hosting company can help control carbon emissions and protect our environment is purchasing renewable energy certificates. Many “green web hosting providers” purchase the same amount of energy credits as the energy they use so they can claim they are 100% green. But, Clean Air Hosting goes above and beyond by choosing to purchase 130% renewable resources, and actually giving back 30% of resources back into the grid. In doing so, Clean Air Hosting is in fact reversing their environmental impact rather than just neutralizing it. By hosting your website with Clean Air Hosting you can be proud to know you too are doing your part to protect our environment.

Clean Air Hosting however does not compromise their web hosting products or services while providing green web hosting packages. In fact, they offer three web hosting packages – Starter, Business, and Professional. All of these plans include a huge variety of free web hosting features including:

  • 100’s of Free Web Templates
  • Numerous Parked Domains
  • MySQL Databases
  • cPanel Graphical Web Control
  • CGI/Perl Server and Scripts
  • Zen Cart and OsCommerce
  • WordPress, Nucleus
  • Jooma, Geeklog, Drupal
  • Classified Ad’s Suite
  • 3 Image Galleries
  • Email Autoresponders and Forwarding
  • Frontpage Extensions
  • And much more.

The main difference in the three Clean Air Hosting packages can be found in the form of web space, bandwidth, number of domains allowed, POP3 email accounts, FTP accounts, sub-domains, and naturally the price. The Clean Air Hosting packages include just the right amount of each of these items and just the right type and amount of features for the type of hosting you are looking for. For instance, the Clean Air Hosting “Starter” package includes plenty of email addresses, space, bandwidth etc… for someone looking to start a new website but will not require a ton of huge file storage or have a ton of visitors right away. Whereas it does NOT include a dedicated IP, this is because most “Starter” websites are not business oriented and therefore not accepting online payments and such. However, the Business and Professional plans have the option of including a dedicated IP. All three of the Clean Air Plans are customized to suit the needs of specific clientele, which plan works best for you?

Once you have signed up for a Clean Air Hosting account, you will find your site will be easy to setup and manage. Should you have any issues with setup you will find informational tutorials to help you. With a 99.5% up-time you can rest assured your website will always be available. And should you ever have any problem or question you will be able to contact them quickly and easily through your control panel. Plus, if you are not totally happy with your Clean Air Hosting experience, they will refund your money unconditionally within 30 days.

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