Emercury Review

With many anti-spam laws going into effect many people think it is illegal to participate in email marketing. But, if you think email marketing is a thing of the past, you may want to think again. There are eMail marketing companies available to help you understand how those anti-spam laws work and how to legally and effective use email marketing to reach you customers and increase your sales, Emercury is one of those eMail marketing providers. This Emercury review explains the products and services offered by Emercury.

Emercury specializes in email marketing. Because it is their specialty, they are well rehearsed in the e-mail laws and how they pertain to your business. There is no longer a need to try to keep on top of tedious opt-in and opt-out spreadsheets and customer databases, once you are set up with a company like Emercury all of those things are set up to automatically update. Take away your fear of marketing via email by allowing the professionals to handle it for you. These email marketing plans start at just $15 a month, with most businesses one sale from one email would automatically include their return on investment.

Emercury provides a number of email services including email marketing, SMTP relay, high volume sending, email template creation, and campaign management. You can choose which products and/or services are the most beneficial to you and your business. Emercury works with businesses of all shapes and sizes and has created e-mail plans to accommodate them all.

The Emercury Email Marketing services allows you to:

  • Easily create messages – If you can cut, paste, point and click, you can certainly create custom emails.
  • Customize email for branding – Choose from 400 + templates, then add your own logo, colors, and photos.
  • Build and grow your own email list – They show you how!
  • Get your email in their box – Get real-time results and create reports.
  • Track your results – See who reads your emails, clicks on your links, and converts to sales.
  • Free customer support – Get FREE unlimited personal coaching and support via phone, email, or chat.

The Emercury SMTP Relay is available in Levels 1-6, depending on the messages needed per month. This Emercury service provides an outgoing SMTP email server/relay service that distributes and delivers your mailing lists, newsletters, and other bulk email applications.

The Emercury high volume sending is designed for people who are sending 25,000 or more messages a month. With bulk email marketing you need to choose a company that will assist you and help you along your way, by focusing completely on email marketing Emercury shows they are there to take care of their email customers.

Emercury template creation is done by their designers who take your concepts and create a professional template that represents your business. They work with you to create a template design, program the HTML, and upload the template into your Emercury account.

Emercury campaign managers take your list (clean it) and email, upload it into your Emercury Account then create your mailing domain, subject line, from line, apply your reply to address, and schedule your deliveries.

Email marketing has never been more efficient, cost effective, and successful than with companies like Emercury. Visit their site today for more details and pricing at: http://www.Emercury.net