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Web Host Ranking is pleased to announce the winner of our Top truVPS Host award – Illuminated Hosting. Illuminated Hosting has shared hosting, colocation hosting, Cloud VPS, dedicated servers, managed hosting, and remote backup and domain registration services. In this Illuminated Hosting review we will skim the surface of the Illuminated Hosting services with focus on their Virtual Private Server, or VPS, hosting plans. For more details, to visit their site, or to purchase the Illuminated Hosting services click the link at the end of this review.

Illuminated Hosting is a subsidiary of Pixeled Business Systems, Inc., which has over 15 years experience in the web hosting industry. As a small start up company they had no investors and only a handful of clients, however by gradually being able to add a number of easy-to-use features and the most up to date software programs they have developed web hosting packages and plans to suit the needs of nearly everyone’s hosting needs. In doing this they have been able to grow their client base significantly, all the while retaining their original customers. With the variety of web hosting services they provide they are able to attract customers seeking everything from a personal website to a full eCommerce website for a large company.

For those looking for a personal or small business website Illuminated Hosting has four shared hosting plans to choose from – Ultra Basic, Basic, Standard, and advanced. All the shared hosting plans include from 5 to 50 email accounts that are protected by active Spam filtering, and enough web space and bandwidth to create a decent sized website with mild to moderate traffic levels. With the exception of the Ultra Basic they are also equipped to with 1 click-installs, WordPress, and eCommerce features. The Illuminated Hosting shared hosting plans are by far the cheapest web hosting options they offer.

With shared hosting plans your website is stored on a server that also houses a number of other websites. In some cases your site may not be greatly affected, but if your site shares a server with another site that requires a great deal of space or has a huge number of visitors you may find your website pages load extremely slow, or even experiences short periods of downtime. At that point it may be in your best interest to consider other options. If you are not ready to take the big financial or technical leap into having your own dedicated server then a virtual private server (VPS) plan may be a good solution for you. With VPS hosting you may find some web hosting providers that represent their plans as VPS plans yet host your site on their shared hosting platform. With Illuminated Hosting you can rest assured you are getting realVPS® hosting.

The Illuminated Hosting Cloud VPS plans come in 3 options – VPS Basic, VPS Standard, and VPS Advanced. These plans include 20 – 50GB of space, 256MB – 768MB Ram, 200GB – 500GB of monthly transfer, and there is no setup fee. Because they offer only realVPS® hosting your VPS experience with Illuminated Hosting will be a good one. Unlike many other VPS hosts, Illuminated Hosting gives you a full Xen instance with unlimited operating system options, you choose what you want on your virtual private server, and the staff at Illuminated hosting will install it for you.

If you are looking for colocation hosting you will find 3 options to choose from with Illuminated Hosting – 1U RackMount, 2U RackMount, and 4U RackMount. The colocation packages are design to allow customers to purchase their own servers/hardware but house it in Illuminated Hosting’s data center facility.

Jumping now to the Illuminated Hosting dedicated server options. Dedicated server hosting allows you to have your own individual server that you have complete access and control over. Unlike colocation hosting where you purchase and manage your own server, it’s just housed in the hosting companies facility; with dedicated server hosting a separate server is dedicated to your needs and you are able to have full root access and control, yet you pay the host a monthly fee (which equates to a rental fee). The Illuminated Hosting dedicated servers are available in 6 different plans – Basic Server, Standard Server, Business Server, Advanced Server, Enterprise Server, Enterprise Plus. These plans have between 512MB – 32GB Ram, 80GB – 300 GB Hard drive space, and a wide variety of processor options. Before you consider getting a dedicated server be aware managing your own server is going to require a greater technical knowledge, or an IT person able to manage your server.

Should you want your own dedicated server but are not tech savvy or do not have your own technical support team, then you may wish to consider the Illuminated Hosting Managed Services. Before you risk taking on tasks outside your technical comfort zone you may wish to allow the Illuminated Hosting IT management team manage your server for you. All the managed hosting services include backup setup and verification, firewall monitoring and implementation, intrusion detection, software updates, mail management and monitoring. For a reasonable amount of money you can rest assured your server is managed 24/7 by experienced and knowledgeable IT personnel.

All Illuminated Hosting plans are supported by a support team available by toll-free telephone service 24/7.

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