MyIdealHost – Preferred Reseller Host

Web Host Ranking is proud to announce the winner of our Preferred Reseller Host award – MyIdealHost! In our review of MyIdealHost’s web hosting reseller program and plans we feel they deserve recognition. If you are looking to become a web hosting reseller then we recommend reading our review of MyIdealHost and visiting their site to see if they have what you are looking for in a web hosting provider.

MyIdealHost started out as a technical support company for many major U.S. based web hosting companies. Throughout the years as they gained knowledge, experience, training, and became financially secure they decided to expand into the web hosting industry themselves. Makes sense, right? They already have everything it takes to support some of the best web hosting available, so why not provide the actual hosting? With their wealth of knowledge and experience they were able to design some of the best quality hosting products and services currently on the hosting market.

MyIdealHost has two very feature full web hosting plans – Standard and Professional – which are worth your time to check into if you are looking for a shared web hosting plan. For extremely cheap web hosting plans they carry an awful lot of features not always offered by all cheap web hosts; such as anytime website and database backups, database migration, free domain registration, and shared or private SSL. The professional plan even includes free domain privacy, a dedicated IP, SSH, and daily backups. Although these are definitely worth considering, the MyIdealHost reseller program may be an even better deal for you.

Much like any other reseller programs, web hosting reseller programs are designed to be a win-win situation for the provider and for the reseller. In the web hosting industry reseller programs give the web host provider another way to market their product and increase their income. While the web hosting reseller benefits by being able to either use reseller plans for their own benefit or to pass on their savings to their customers without taking the time and money to develop their own company.

MyIdealHost’s reseller hosting is available in 5 different plans – Mini, Basic, Standard, Extended, and Professional. You may already be able to tell by the names of the plans which one may fit your reselling needs. The first 3 plans are best suited for experienced web developers who have several web hosting projects of their own and want them organized in one neat little package. With these plans they can divide the allotted space between an unlimited number of separate accounts, giving each account different access. They also include a free shared DNS and shared SSL certificate. The MyIdealHost Extended and Pro reseller plans are designed more for someone wanting to resell the web hosting product to others. These plans include a free license to use the WHMCS system for billing and open ticket processes, two dedicated IPs to register their own nameservers, free dedicated SSL certificate, and all the support they need to install and customize their accounts. Naturally, the biggest differences in the reseller plans can be found in the amount of disk space and bandwidth included. All 5 of the plans include the ability to host unlimited domains and a free Enom account. The fact that the MyIdealHost reseller plans are all priced within $19.95 a month and $99.95 a month makes it a reasonable investment for anyone interested in becoming a web host reseller.

If you read the MyIdealHost company information you will understand why we feel you will not be disappointed in working with their support staff, since the company started out as a technical support company for large hosting providers. The MyIdealHost support team is not only available 24/7/365 via email, chat, or a toll free telephone number, but they have also tiered their support team into 3 levels. By dividing their support team they are able to optimize not only their time and service but also their customers. All of their technicians are trained to work with many different systems and software to provide the best customer support, and all of their 2nd and 3rd line techs all have over 5 years experience in hosting support.

To learn more or to sign up for MyIdealHost visit their site today~!