Ultra Web Hosting Review

WebHostRanking is excited to complete this Ultra Web Hosting Review. Ultra WebHosting is part of Flux Services, a company that has been offering web hosting services since 2002. Ultra Web Hosting is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and takes pride in offering the most dependable services with excellent customer support. WebHostRanking is proud to award them with this recognition for being the Best Scalable Hosting service provider! Read our full Ultra Web Hosting review to learn more about the web hosting service they offer and see why we have chosen them as one of the best web hosting providers on the market.

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About Ultra Web Hosting

In reviewing the Ultra Web Hosting service there were a couple of points that really stood out to us, first is the customer service. In our opinion, customer service is one thing that can really make or break a company, especially when it comes to web hosting service providers. You can find dozens of companies offering comparable services with competitive pricing, but finding a service provider that has outstanding customer service is much more difficult. Ultra Web Hosting goes above and beyond with  a support response time averaging just 12 minutes and live support that is typically accessible instantly. In addition, hardware service technicians are on site in the same location as the physical servers. This means if there is ever any type of hardware problem a technician will begin working on the issue immediately. Along with the availability of the support team, customers also enjoy free remote backup on a weekly basis and new customers can have existing websites transferred to their Ultra Web Hosting account for free! The bottom line is this, if you have a question about your web hosting service the Ultra Web Hosting team is readily available to assist you and answering any questions you have. Even when you don’t need help, they are there working the “back end” making sure your web hosting experiences is top-notch and flawless.

The second thing we were particularly impressed by is the scalability of the Ultra Web Hosting service plans. The service was created with growth in mind. They recognize the every changing nature of web hosting and want to ensure that each and every custom has access to the web space and hosting tools that they need to create and maintain the website that they want for their business or personal website. Whether a webmaster is looking to create numerous websites or if he/she creates a website to grows beyond the capacity of a regular web hosting plan, Ultra Web Hosting has made sure they can offer the services and resources needed to meet individual demands. To gain a better understanding of the scalability options we will focus the next section of our Ultra Web Hosting review on the web hosting features they provide.

Ultra Web Hosting Plans & Features

Ultra Web Hosting has 3 basic shared web hosting plans for customers to choose from. Disk space and bandwidth are unlimited on all three plans and customers are only limited to one website on the entry level plan, Ultra 1x. Upgrades are available and each upgrade provides additional resources and features from email accounts to CPU performance and dedicated IPs. Once a customer’s website grows enough to start pushing the limits of a traditional shared hosting account, Ultra Web Hosting offers either VPS (virtual private server) hosting or dedicated server hosting to continue meeting the demands of the website. The scalability of this web hosting service is designed so that they can always meet the customer’s needs, whatever they may be.

In addition to simple hardware and traditional web hosting service resources, Ultra Web Hosting includes a whole line of web hosting tools that were created in-house to provide the absolute best customer experience possible. From their proprietary control panel, based on the ever-popular cPanel, to a website builder, script installer, and even free website templates, webmasters will have every tool, function, and feature that they could possibly need to create the exact website they have in mind. You don’t have to be a programmer or a design guru to create a professional website that will rival the top ranked websites in the business.

Ultra Web Hosting Recommendation

WebHostRanking joins in with the dozens of customer testimonials found on the Ultra Web Hosting site to say that we are happy to recommend this web hosting service to anyone looking for an affordable and dependable web hosting solution. By visiting their website you can learn more about current web hosting coupons and deals. Presently, Ultra Web Hosting is offering the first month free on any shared web hosting plan with the coupon TRYOUT, or they have a promotional offer of 20% off when you use the coupon code NEWWEBSITE. The price is right, the features and support are terrific, and the experienced web hosting team provides a solid foundation you can rely on for years and years to come. If you are in the market for the best web hosting service, we highly recommend checking out Ultra Web Hosting, we are certain you will not be disappointed.