Dedicated vs. Shared Servers and more info on types of web servers. Dedicated servers are for more experienced heavy web users – learn how to find the best dedicated server, shared, or VPS web hosting. Find cheap dedicated or VPS hosting.

How to Determine Your Dedicated Server Needs

If you are ready to switch to a dedicated server but need to know how to determine your dedicated server needs, read this Web Host Ranking article. Learn about different types of dedicated servers and which features you will need to meet your dedicated hosting needs.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting

BlueHost dedicated hosting offers a new option for webmasters that are ready to upgrade from a shared hosting or VPS hosting plan. Webmasters that are current BlueHost customers can upgrade easily from within their control panel while others can simply talk to the BlueHost team to get help migrating their data and domains to a BlueHost dedicated hosting account.

Dedicated Server Colocation

Dedicated server colocation provides many benefits for businesses in need of equipment space for their dedicated servers. Read this article to learn more about dedicated server colocation to see if this is an option that may benefit your business.

Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux dedicated servers are one of the most popular dedicated server options. Read this Linux dedicated server article to learn more about the options available so you can find the best dedicated server option to meet your needs.

Unmetered Dedicated Server

An unmetered dedicated server may be a good option for your dedicated server hosting. To learn more about bandwidth usage, billing, and unmetered dedicated server options, read this article.

Virtual Private Server vs Dedicated Server

Comparing virtual private server vs dedicated server options will help you determine which type of web hosting is best suited to meet your needs. In this article we will compare and contrast virtual private servers and dedicated servers.

Rent a Dedicated Server

Want to rent a dedicated server? Read this Web Host Ranking article to learn more about renting a server. Switching to a dedicated server is a big decision, learn what you need to know before you choose where to rent a dedicated server.

Netwise Hosting Review

Read this Netwise Hosting review to learn more about the web hosting solutions they have to offer. From dedicated servers and colocation to reseller hosting, Netwise Hosting provides some of the best web hosting options. See why Web Host Ranking considers them one of the Top UK Dedicated Hosts.