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How-to articles for web hosting related articles. Includes how-to install various website software modules like carts, blogs, forums, and more. We also include how-to articles on web hosting transfer, domain names, and ecommerce.

How to create a good blog

Creating a good blog can not only be fun but it can also be very important. If you are running a business website, blogs are

How to do SEO

Learn how to do SEO (search engine optimization) effectively. Proper SEO will drive more traffic to your website by increasing search engine ranking. Read this Web Host Ranking article to learn basic tips and tricks on how to do SEO.

How to Install Joomla

Learn how to install Joomla in this simple “how to” article. Joomla is a powerful content management system that is available to all webmasters at no cost. If you are new to web hosting but want to learn how to install Joomla, check out this article now.

How to Install Linux

Learn how to install Linux in this article. Linux is a popular operating system based on the UNIX framework. Read this article to learn more about what Linux is and the pros and cons of using the Linux operating system.

How to Install WordPress

Read this article to learn how to install WordPress. The method for installing WordPress will vary depending on your web hosting provider or if you are installing it on a blog. In this article, we will cover the basics of how to install WordPress.

How to spot spam comments

There are many web hosting review sites that allow comments but the problem is a lot of them are spam comments. Spam comments are ruining a lot of the web hosting coupon sites. In this tutorial we are going to show you some easily ways to spot spam comments and how you can deal with these annoying comments!

How to Link a Website

Learning how to link a website isn’t hard. Read this “how to” article for basic pointers and tips on adding a link to your website. Whether you are doing a favor for a friend or trying to link all of the pages on your site together, these simple steps will get you going.