How to create a good blog

Creating a good blog can not only be fun but it can also be very important. If you are running a business website, blogs are very critical. Blogs are a great way to get important information out, promote your products, or just update your friends and families on stuff. While starting a blog sounds easy, there are some very important things to understand so that your blog is successful. WebHostRanking has a lot of experience in blogs and that is why we wrote this article on how to create a good blog.

When it comes to creating a good blog there are several key things that you should be concentrating on. The two main types of blogs that WebHostRanking is going to discuss are personal blogs and eCommerce blogs. Both of these types of blogs are very important and used daily by the mass. We are going to break each type of blog down and explain to you how you can create a good blog for each one.

Personal Blogs

As we have already discussed, personal blogs are blogs designed for personal use. This is perhaps the most common type of blog. WebHostRanking has put together a list of 5 things to consider when you are creating a personal blog.

  1. Theme/Template- Always choose a theme or template that you like. This is your personal blog and you ultimately are the one who should be happy. You are never going to make everybody happy or make everybody like your blog theme. There are a ton of free templates out there to choose from such as WordPress. WordPress themes are easy to use and easy to switch out when you get tired of your current theme!
  2. Blog as often as you can- Blogging can relive stress because it gives you an opportunity to vent. Additionally, the more you blog the more your readers have to read about you and also the better you will show up in search engines. Write good content as that will keep your readers more interested in your blog.
  3. Privacy- Remember this is a personal blog and there are people out in cyber space that aren’t the nicest. Some things should be kept personal and confidential. Consider using only initials for people’s name. At the worst case you should only be using first names unless the person is already in the public face. Another privacy factor is whether or not to make your blog private or not. To share or not to share!
  4. Provide links- If you find an interesting article or website make sure you include a link on your website to it. Other people will find it enjoyable also. Also include links to your other blog posts if you are discussing out stuff. People might have missed part one to the blog and want to read about that.
  5. Have fun- That is the most important aspect of a personal blog. If you aren’t having fun blogging why do it? People can tell when you aren’t happy or enjoying things and the same goes for blog posts. Short, poor content blogs aren’t even worth publishing so take your time and have fun!

eCommerce blogs

What a great way to drive traffic to your business websites or to earn some extra money. Having a successful blog is a great compliment to your business website. Here are five tips to making the best eCommerce blog you can!

  • Layout- Layout is extremely important for eCommerce blogs. You need to consider what type of company you are promoting and what your customers want to see. By choosing the incorrect layout for your eCommerce blog you can potentially lose clients and traffic. Make your blog easy to navigate around and user friendly. This even comes into play with the font and color of your theme.
  • Blog hosting- If you are running eCommerce blogs you should be avoiding free blog hosting. With cheap blog hosting companies such as BlueHost you get a ton more features. Those features are items such as SSL certificates and shopping carts. Cheap blog hosting will cost you under $4.00 a month.


  • Content- It is very important to update your business blogs on a regular basis. Fresh content equals better search results. Plus your customers enjoy reading fresh content. This is a great opportunity to for you to announce new products, review existing products, and do comparisons. As we said earlier about personal blogs, blog posts that are short and have no true value in the content, are a waste of your time and your readers.
  • Advertisements- Putting third party advertisements is a great way for you to generate extra revenue on your eCommerce blogs. However, be careful that you don’t spam your blog with paid advertisements. Google can see right through that and your ranking will tank.
  • FAQ and about us- A lot of people may have questions about your business. Having a FAQ and about us section on your blog will answer a ton of questions that your potential customers may have. In the last couple of years, this has become very important to SEO.

Following those simple tips will have you creating a good blog in no time! No matter why you are creating a blog, take ownership of it. If you are proud of your blog and put 100% effort into it, you will have created a great blog!