Aaron Handford; Founder of MyGreenHosting

Hello Aaron Handford and thanks for taking the time to talk to Web Host Ranking. Can
you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and what your role is at

Sure! I am the founder of MyGreenHosting.com I started the company back in 2007. My
role is mainly in strategic development and customer relations.

Some of our new readers may not understand the need for a web hosting company to
be “green”. Can you briefly explain why green web hosting is becoming so popular and why you decided to go that direction with your company?

There are lots of “green hosts” out there, but I think the key here is to define what we
mean by “green hosting”. It is healthy to be skeptical about “green-washing”, as there
is a lot of green washing happening in the web hosting industry.

The Internet is a major contributor to global warming, if you prescribe to the theory of
anthropogenic global warming.

The carbon footprint of the Internet is huge: about the same amount of CO2 is created
by the energy powering the Internet as is used to power the entire airline industry

In my opinion, only data centers that are directly powered by renewable energy are
“greener” than other data centers. This is because by running directly off renewable
energy (not just using grid energy and then buying carbon offset tickets) the overall
amount of C02-based energy being consumed is lowered.

We see that MyGreenHosting now uses a data center based in Iceland. Why is that?

We decided to use a data center based in Iceland because it runs directly of renewable
geothermal and hydroelectric power.

MyGreenHosting offers both shared web hosting and reseller web hosting. Can you
briefly give us the highlights of each package and how current and prospective clients
will benefit from them?

Currently we have a “one size fits all” package called the Ultimate Green Plan. This plan
allows you to have multiple websites and is sufficient for most people’s business needs.
However, we also offer a reseller account that allows you to resell hosting packages to
your own customers. In effect, you can become your own web host! Our hosting starts
for as little as $4.95 per month.

Our readers always know that customer support is very important to Web Host Ranking. What types of customer support does MyGreenHosting offer its customers?

Currently we offer 24/7 livechat support through our website, 24/7 email support ticket
support, and also phone support. We plan on launching 24/7 phone support in the third
quarter of 2012.

Something that doesn’t deal with web hosting at all that we find very interesting is that
you make a donation to the Kiva and a variety of other charities every time a person
signs up with your company. Can you explain to our readers what charities you support?

We currently support the Kiva project as well as a variety of “on the ground” charities in
Africa, including the “Gardens of Hope” (sustainable orchards) project and a project that
supplies children in Lesotho Africa with footbal (soccer) gear.

Aaron thanks for taking some time out of your day to speak to Web Host Ranking. We
are sure our readers benefited greatly from this interview. However, we wouldn’t be
doing our readers any justice if we didn’t ask you this one last question… Do you have any MyGreenHosting promos that our readers can use to save some money?

Sure! Use the coupon whr and receive 25% off!