cPanel VPS Hosting

With cPanel VPS hosting, you can upgrade from your current shared web hosting provider and expand your website for a pretty low and affordable price if you know where to look for the best cPanel VPS hosting services on the web. Fortunately there are tons of cPanel VPS hosting providers available online to choose from. It is important, first, to make sure you need to make this upgrade from your current shared web hosting account. Or you might simply be looking to switch providers. Keep reading to learn more about how to find the best deals in cPanel VPS hosting and how to make sure you are getting the best web hosting service for your money.

Switching to cPanel VPS Hosting:

There are tons of reasons to consider cPanel VPS hosting. If you currently have a web hosting account with a shared web hosting company but find you are reaching your database and website traffic limits each month, it is important to look into upgrading to a Virtual Private Server account. With cPanel VPS hosting, you get both the benefits of using cPanel as well as having a VPS to run. You are going to need to first decide on the cPanel VPS hosting company. There are tons of these available, but you want to make sure the companies you consider offer the best in web hosting technology when it comes to VPS. Your current web hosting provider might even offer some VPS web hosting plans along with cPanel web hosting management. If this is the case and you enjoy the service your current web hosting company offers, you can simply call the customer service line and ask to be upgraded to a VPS account.

There are a few top services you should look for to be offered by a cPanel VPS hosting account. If the provider does not offer these features, you might want to continue shopping around. You are going to need great customer support. Many web hosting companies offer customer support 24/7. If you are using your web hosting account for your own online business or to make money, having your website up and running at all times is imperative to your business model. That is why it is so great to be able to have access to assistance from the web hosting support team at all times, day or night. Having the best speed and reliability is also important. Check out a few VPS hosting reviews on the best web hosting companies to find out which companies have the best reputation for reliability and speed. Many of the best VPS hosting providers offer fully redundant datacenters that have multiple paths to the Internet, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing down if something happens to one of the connections. Ensuring a speedy and fast-loading website is helpful in determining how successful your website will be. If your website is slow, you are going to be less likely to have a successful website.

It is also important to choose a cPanel VPS hosting account that comes with plenty of features. You might need a web hosting company that is able to provide you with design tools and full control over your own design. Root access is great to have because it means you are in full control of your own web hosting account. This is one of the best features to ensure your web hosting company is able to provide upon signup. Lastly, you need to make sure you aren’t overpaying for any web hosting services. Watch out for hidden fees. Make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for with some of the best VPS hosting services available.

Advantages of VPS Hosting:

There are tons of advantages of choosing VPS hosting versus shared web hosting or even dedicated web hosting accounts. With VPS you get the luxury of increased space, RAM, web traffic and even increased security. With shared web hosting, you risk hackers that break into other web hosting accounts being able to eventually make it over to your web hosting account. Having your own VPS is a great way to keep yourself separated enough from other web hosting customers in order to adequately keep your website and web hosting account protected and secure. VPS is also cheaper than some hosting options like dedicated web hosting, but you are still getting the assistance of the web hosting company to provide you with tons of web hosting features like SimpleScripts, email features and even e-commerce features depending on the company. Many VPS hosts also offer a better uptime guarantee. Be sure to look for a VPS hosting provider that has at least a 99 percent uptime guarantee.

About cPanel:

Like VPS hosting tools and features, being able to manage your VPS account with cPanel as your web hosting control panel is a great way to easily and efficiently manage your web hosting account and website. cPanel is site configuration and management software for your web hosting account. Many cPanel VPS hosting companies even offer a free demo for the cPanel, so you can try out cPanel for yourself before you commit to your web hosting account. This way you can see just how easy cPanel is to use and operate in the management of your web hosting account. Tons of web hosting providers offer many web hosting features and tools that can easily be accessed and used from the cPanel including website design builders, SimpleScripts installers, programs like WordPress or Joomla and other features like MySQL databases and FTP.

Be sure to do some serious shopping around when you consider cPanel VPS hosting because there are tons of VPS providers to choose from. Also be sure and check out some of the VPS hosting reviews so you can find some great deals, coupon codes and web hosting discounts toward your purchase!