Virtual private server articles are found in this category. Have you outgrown shared web hosting? Virtual private servers or VPS is the next solution before dedicated options.

Illuminated Hosting – Top truVPS Host

Illuminated Hosting has been chosen to receive the Web Host Ranking award for the Top truVPS Host. Read this Illuminated Hosting review and find out about the web hosting products and services they offer. The award is for their VPS hosting, however if you are looking for shared or dedicated hosting you may still want to check them out.

cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel VPS hosting accounts are great for those looking for a VPS provider to get better deals on web hosting for a larger website and to accommodate more traffic. There is also the advantage of being able to manage your website using cPanel with the cPanel VPS hosting plan.

Best VPS Hosting

Read this VPS hosting article to learn more about virtual private server hosting. The benefits of VPS hosting can be very substantial over those of shared web hosting and is generally a much more affordable alternative than dedicated server hosting. Learn more about the best VPS hosting benefits, VPS hosting providers, and more.

VPS Servers

Find out all the info you need on VPS servers and VPS hosting. Lunarpages offers cheap VPS hosting and some of the best VPS hosting. This is a general VPS hosting review article to help you understand VPS servers.