Drupal CMS Review

Drupal CMS Review- Drupal is one of the best content management systems you can use in web hosting. Web Host Ranking has used Drupal CMS on many occasions and is familiar with Drupal. Keep reading our Drupal CMS review for more info on Drupal. Drupal CMS!

When you sign up for web hosting quite often you get the choice of what content managements system you want to use. Most of the time Drupal is one of the listed choices. Web Host Ranking has written this Drupal CMS review so you can learn the basics of the Drupal content management system and how it can help you. Before we get into this Drupal review, let’s briefly explain what a content management system is.

A content management system is used for creating and managing HTML content within a website. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of web material including documents, images, and videos. A content management system facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and essential website maintenance functions. Once you have the ideal CMS you need to find a reliable colocation center to work with.

So just what is Drupal? Drupal is a free software program that you can use for all your content management system needs. The base of Drupal is written in PHP scripting language making it very compatible. Drupal is used quite often by all types of websites including blogs, forums, eCommerce websites, small websites, large websites, and much more! There is no limit on what you can use the Drupal CMS for and almost anybody can use Drupal. Although Drupal offers a sophisticated programming interface for developers, no programming skills are required for basic website installation and administration.

Drupal was originally designed and still is today built to be used on almost all the operating systems. So that means if you use Linux web hosting, Windows web hosting, Unix web hosting, or any of the other top operating systems, you can use Drupal CMS to its full usage! Additionally you can use either MySQL databases or PostgreSQL databases.

When you use the Drupal CMS you get a ton of features. Here are the features of the Drupal CMS:

  1. Collaborative Book- Drupal allows you to set up a book that allows you users to contribute content and their opinions. Great for blogs, forums, and social networking.
  2. Friendly URL’s- Everybody knows how important SEO URL’s are and in the Drupal CMS all of the URL’s are customized and search engine friendly.
  3. Modules- The Drupal community has contributed many modules which provide functionality that extend Drupal core.
  4. Online help- Quite often when dealing with CMS, you will have some issues. Drupal has a good system on their site that allows you to get information to solve some of the common issues.
  5. Personalization- With the Drupal CMS, you can customize just about anything on your website.
  6. Role based permission system- Drupal has set up their content management system so that multiple users can use with different levels of privileges.
  7. User authentication- Users can register and authenticate locally or using an external authentication source like Jabber, Blogger, LiveJournal or another Drupal website. For use on an intranet, Drupal can integrate with an LDAP server.
  8. Searching- All content in the Drupal CMS is fully indexed and searchable at all times if you take advantage of the built in search module.
  9. Polls- Creating polls is very easy in the Drupal CMS.
  10. Creating website templates- Using Drupal creating website templates is easy. Templates are created from standard HTML and PHP coding meaning that you don’t have to learn a proprietary templating language.
  11. Threaded comments- Threaded comments are popular these days and Drupal provides a powerful threaded comment model.
  12. News aggregator- Drupal has a powerful built-in News Aggregator for reading and blogging news from other sites.

Those are some of the features that you get when you use the Drupal CMS. Your Drupal CMS experience is going to be great and we hope you found this Drupal CMS review helpful.