JustCloud Review

JustCloud offers simple, fast, and professional cloud storage that will allow users to automatically backup documents, photos, music, videos, and many other type of data. In this JustCloud review we will be taking a look at the JustCloud storage service and how it can benefit webmasters, or anyone, looking for a flexible electronic storage solution. Cloud storage provides access to the stored files from anywhere in the world. Read out entire JustCloud review to learn more about cloud storage and the JustCloud service.

What is Cloud Storage? 

It is important to understand what cloud storage is to see how it can benefit you. Cloud storage is an innovative way of storing any type of electronic file. For years we have been using everything from floppy disks, CDs, and flash drives to external hard drives and web servers to backup and store all of our electronic data. While this is certainly an improvement over filing cabinets and photo albums, there is an even more effective and efficient way to store all of this data. Just like portable storage devices made it much easier to take virtually unlimited data with you wherever you go – and share it with family and friends in a matter of seconds through file transfers, email, or other digital transfers – cloud storage has simplified this process even more. Using cloud storage, the data from all of these separate mediums: flash drives, hard drives, web servers, etc. is packed together and stored in virtual storage containers across several servers, often with copies in more than one physical location. By storing the files in such a way, a simple desktop application can then be used to access the files from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. You never have to worry about corrupted, lost, or damaged disks, no stress about storage limits or attachment sizes, or the failure of a hard drive that you haven’t backed up in months or years. The work is done for you, your backups are always current, safe, and quickly accessible.

JustCloud Cloud Storage 

Now that you understand a little bit about what cloud storage is, let’s take a look at the JustCloud cloud storage service. JustCloud currently offers a free cloud storage account with amazing features, options, and support. The JustCloud personal plan supports unlimited devices per user, with unlimited storage space (within normal usage guidelines). After the end of the JustCloud free trial period, users will enjoy peace of mind with the anytime money-back guarantee that makes it possible for a paid user to cancel his/her account at anytime and get a full refund for any unused months left on the pre-paid plan. Along with the details of the money-back guarantee, JustCloud lists the following benefits of using their cloud storage service:

  • Easy, step-by-step set-up
  • Access backed up files anywhere, anytime
  • Fully encrypted and secure
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Friendly, 24×7 phone and e-mail support

The simple step-by-step setup will make it easy for you to customize your automated backup schedule. A scheduler lets you determine the frequency of the backup and gives you the option to specify selective files, folders, or devices that you want to have backed up. The JustCloud service lets you backup videos, music, photos, email, document files, PDFs, and more. After the backup is complete you can use your online control panel to sync devices, share files or folders, manage files, encrypt files, or move them around using the drag and drop feature. JustCloud supports numerous platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Widows 8, and Kindle Fire. The JustCloud platforms are all mobile optimized.

JustCloud for Business

File sharing and collaboration are a huge part of many businesses.  The JustCloud Business plan makes it easy to send and share files from unlimited devices. Information can be shared between co-workers or clients and can be easily password protected; choose automated notifications to be alerted about activity within an specified data set. You’re in complete control of your data; you set the frequency of the backup and determine which files will be backed up. As a business organization you can’t afford to lose years, months, or even a week worth of data. With JustCloud cloud storage you will know that your data is backed up and secure all the time. JustCloud uses 256 bit encryption (bank-grade encryption) to protect your data and keep it secure. Files are stored on secure servers in data centers that use ultra-redundant power and HVAC and networking systems that prevent any single point of failure. All JustCloud data centers are monitored 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Rest assured, your data will be secure.

Some added features that are specific to the business plan include an unlimited number of user accounts and sub user accounts and the ability to allocate space to individual accounts. Other popular features that are particularly beneficial for businesses include team collaboration, administrative control panels, access and permission management, tools for monitoring backup statuses, document management, email backup, and scheduled backups.

JustCloud provides support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Support options include phone support, email support, and video tutorials. If you have any questions, there will always be help available. Visit the JustCloud site to compare plans and features and get started with your free backup today!

JustCloud Cloud Storage