Mozy vs Carbonite

When it comes to choosing the best online backup storage provider, or software, there are many to choose from. In our opinion, Mozy and Carbonite are two providers you will want to put at the top of your list when comparing online storage providers. In this article we offer a review of Mozy and Carbonite as well as a comparison of Mozy vs. Carbonite. Depending on your storage needs, you may find one of these providers to have more of the products and services you are looking for.

Mozy Review is one of the leading online backup storage providers. They specialize in cloud-based backups for everything from a simple home computer to massive company servers. They have numerous storage plans to choose from that will suit the needs of nearly any size home or business. Here are a few examples:

Free MozyHome – This plan includes 2GB of free online storage. It requires no credit card, there are no fees, and no hassles; plus you can earn more free space when you refer a friend. 2GB’s typically stores about 250,000 text emails, 340 MP3 files, or 300 photos.

Mozy Home – Includes live chat technical support, support tickets, more backup space than the free MozyHome version. The MozyHome storage package typically allows you to store over 6,250,000 text emails, 8,500 music files, or 7,500 photos.

MozyPro – Depending on how many computers you would like to backup, how much storage you need per computer, and whether you intend on backing up your servers will help you determine which MozyPro plan will best accommodate your needs. You may choose from six MozyPro plans ranging in online storage space from 10GB to 1TB, and range from $9.99 to $379.99 a month in price.

MozyEnterprise – These plans are typically customized in size and price based on the businesses needs. They are also the most simple to manage, secure, and flexible. Enterprise plans allow multiple users, custom installations and configurations, mobile access, and more. Information is stored in a highly secure data center, has extra industrial-strength encryption via secure SSL connection, and can be backed up locally to a USB or external drive. These accounts are more scalable and allow for speedy backups.

Carbonite Review

Since its beginning in 2005, has backed up over 200 billion files, and currently back up more than 300 million files every day. Their free risk-free trial promotions have been a great success with about 70% subscribing to their service within 2 weeks. Their website is very simple, easy-to-use, and makes signing up and storing your online information quick and easy.

Carbonite Home – Carbonite has three home/home office packages to choose from – Home, HomePlus, and HomePremier. All three of these plans cover 1 just one home computer, but have an unlimited amount of backup space. The biggest differences in the plans come in the form of external hard drive backup, mirror image backup, courier recovery service, and manual vs. automatic video backup. Carbonite Home plans have a free trial period of 15 days, after that they will ask you to supply a credit card for a regular subscription or automatically stop backing up your computer and delete your information from their system. These plans range in price from $59.00 to $149.00 a year.

Carbonite Business – These plans are recommended for businesses with 3 or more computers. There is one flat rate to back up all computers, without additional per-computer or per-user fees. The business home plan is free for 30 days, with no credit card required. Once your free trial period is up you will need to subscribe to a specific business backup plan. There are two Carbonite business plans to choose from – Business and Business Premier. The regular business plan includes up to 250GB of backup storage for $229 a year. The BusinessPremier plan includes 500GB of backup storage for $599 a year. Additional storage is available in 50GB or 100GB increments.

Mozy vs. Carbonite

Both Mozy and Carbonite offer a free trial period for their plans. However, Mozy has a completely free MozyHome plan that will never cost you a dime, and that doesn’t even require a credit card at sign-up. Versus Carbonite who offers a free trial for 15 days (home plans) to 30 days (business plans). Once you download and install Carbonite and your trial period is up you will then need to give them a credit card and subscribe to their service or the information you stored on their servers will stop being backed up and deleted from their computers.

Some of the advantages of storing your data online are the ability to setup automatic backups, access your data anytime from anywhere, and recover your files quickly and easily; Mozy and Carbonite have all of these great benefits. They also have a 24/7 U.S. based customer support desk, a large knowledgebase to glean information from, and lots of helpful tutorials and self-help tools.

Carbonite and Mozy have reseller programs for those wanting to start their own online storage business but don’t have the funding or ability to start from scratch. Their reseller programs are a great way for someone to start making money selling online storage packages without all the hassles and expense. Either of these companies will provide resellers with everything they need to start selling their product, and earning a profit by selling the products to others.

After reading our Mozy vs. Carbonite review, if you are still not certain which of these online storage providers would work best for you there is always the option of trying both. After all, if you can try both of them for free with no obligation, what do you have to lose? OH, your entire data, website, files, photos, emails, etc…that’s what you have to lose by not choosing to backup your computer at all. Don’t risk losing everything! Visit Mozy and Carbonite Today!