Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC)- Pay per click is one of the best ways to participate in an affiliate program. There are many ways to make money off of pay per click advertising and many ways to generate traffic using pay per click advertising. Pay per click review!

In the affiliate program review written by Web Host Ranking we briefly discussed pay per click advertising. Because of how popular pay per click advertising is we decided to write this pay per click review. This is a general pay per click review so we are going to cover a lot of topics. Those topics include what is pay per click, what are the benefits of pay per click advertising, what are the cons of pay per click advertising, who can use pay per click programs, and pay per click management.

What is pay per click? Pay per click is a form of internet advertising in which a merchant pays either a web host or search engine a commission every time the merchant’s advertisement is clicked. The higher amount you pay per click, the better your advertising results will be. The key aspect of pay per click advertising is the proper usage of keywords. As a merchant you bid or pay a specific amount on specific keywords in which you want to participate in pay per click programs. For example, if you have a Glock 27 website and want to target police gun websites, then you would be want to deal with specific keywords dealing with the Glock 27 and police guns. The host would then place your advertisements on relevant sites so that you can generate traffic to your website.

Who can use pay per click advertising? Pay per click advertising can be used by merchants and affiliates. Merchants will use pay per click advertising to promote their business or products while affiliates will use pay per click programs to make money. Pay per click programs are great because both involved parties are motivated, sure for different reasons but no matter what the common theme is to promote the merchant!

What are the benefits of pay per click programs? The biggest advantage of pay per click advertising is that you can generate a ton of traffic at a fairly low cost. Because you as the merchant control the amount you spend on pay per click advertising you know for sure what your advertising costs are going to be. Pay per click advertising has gotten very popular recently so there are lots of sites out there that can act as an advertiser for you. Another benefit of pay per click advertising is that it is very target audience oriented. This meaning that the merchant trying to advertise their Glock pistols isn’t going to show up on golf equipment sites. You know that where ever your advertisements show up at they are being read by people that are interested in your field of work.

What are the cons of pay per click programs? There are a couple main cons of pay per click advertising and those are the competitiveness of the programs and fraud. Both go hand in hand. Depending on your product or service, there can be a lot of competitors that you are bidding with. In fact there might even be larger companies out there that can afford to spend more money thus pushing you down the pay per click ladder of relevance. The fraud part is a huge problem in pay per click programs. Pay per click fraud is simply when the affiliate or another person clicks on your advertising simply to cost you money. Unfortunately there are a lot of corrupt people out there doing this, even competitors!

Pay per click management– This is more designed for the merchants. Your job is not completed once you sign up for pay per click programs. As a merchant you have to do proper pay per click management on a continuous basis. Without this pay per click management the entire program will be a waste of time and money. Some things to consider when doing pay per click management is the amount of money you are willing to spend, your ranking, and SEO keywords to target. If you pay attention to your pay per click program, you can make it work!!!