Best WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Web Hosting- WordPress is a brand of blogging software, like Blogger and Movable Type. WordPress web hosting is offered by many of the best web hosting providers including iPage web hosting and BlueHost web hosting. This article provides details on WordPress web hosting and also an iPage coupon and BlueHost coupon to help you save some money. vs offers a version of the WordPress blogging software that WordPress hosts install for free. Using, you do not need to search for WordPress web hosting, because it is built in. You can be assured that the needs of the blogging software in terms of the appropriate PHP version and MySQL version will be met.

However, this version of comes with some limitations. For example, you cannot edit the free website building templates, the free storage space is limited to 3 GB, and “occasional” Google text ads are shown on the free version. Private blogs are limited to 35 users.

All of these restrictions can be lifted for a yearly fee. If you pay, you can use custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format your blog, increase your storage space to 5GB or more, eliminate the posting of ads, and have a private blog with an unlimited number of users.

Other features to note are the ability to create static pages, a statistics package, and instead of using a subdomain of, you can use your own registered domain name. Continuous saving, file import and XML export, spam-blocking, and trackbacks are also supported.

With, on the other hand, the code is completely modifiable. A large number of add-ons, plug-ins, and themes, free and provided in exchange for payment, are available to extend and enhance your website’s functionality.

You download software and host it yourself or your webhost has, in many cases, already done so, and it is provided as part of your webhosting package. In the first case, you need to be sure to run PHP 4.3 or greater and MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater (as of December 2010 and WordPress version 3.0.4). Apache (in particular, the mod_rewrite Apache module) or Nginx are recommended as servers by WordPress. also recommends the use of suPHP for added security.

WordPress Web Hosting Recommendations

Although you do not have to follow its advice, WordPress recommends web hosts that meet the minimum requirements for hosting WordPress and with which the organization has had good experiences. The recommended web hosts are:

• Bluehost, which is recommended as providing WordPress updates within 24 hours of release and providing unlimited disk storage and monthly data transfer. The normal BlueHost price is $6.95 a month but you can use our exclusive BlueHost coupon to only pay $3.95 a month on a one year plan! No long term contract needed here!

BlueHost $3.95


• iPage, which just like BlueHost web hosting offers you unlimited disk space and data transfer, has already installed WordPress on their servers so that you can almost immediately install to your control panel. With our iPage coupon you will only pay $3.50 a month for iPage web hosting when you sign up on a three year plan!

iPage $3.50