BlueHost vs. GoDaddy

We get asked who offers the best web hosting between BlueHost vs. GoDaddy, we always tell them it depends on what you are looking for! However, one of these web hosting providers is better for the majority of our readers. In this BlueHost vs. GoDaddy review, Web Host Ranking is going to take a look at these cheap web hosting providers and explain to you what both BlueHost offers and GoDaddy offers. In addition to that we are going to provide you with a BlueHost coupon and GoDaddy promo to help save you some money.

Everybody in the web hosting world knows who BlueHost is and everybody in the general world knows who GoDaddy is because of their major advertising schemes. Just because everybody has heard of these hosting providers doesn’t mean that you know all about them. BlueHost web hosting has been around for about 10 years and has consistently grown and been one of the most reliable web hosting providers. Specially in shared web hosting, BlueHost offers reseller web hosting also. GoDaddy is a lot bigger and offers more web hosting products than BlueHost. But, as you will see later in this BlueHost vs. GoDaddy review that might not always be a good thing.

BlueHost vs. GoDaddy – BlueHost Analysis:

Let’s first take a close look at what BlueHost offers. As we said earlier, their main specialty is shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is what 95% of our readers use and need. Heck, it’s what we use! The BlueHost web hosting package is one of the most complete and well rounded packages we have seen. Starting off you get a ton o f unlimited web hosting features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited customer support via phone, live chat, tutorials, or email. You might be thinking to yourself what is unlimited hosted domains. Quite simply, that means you are able to host all your domains on one BlueHost package. This saves you a ton of money if you have multiple websites because it eliminates the need to have a hosting plan for each domain. If you only have one website, that’s okay because this feature doesn’t cost you any extra money. In addition to the unlimited features, you have access to quite a few free web hosting features also. Some of the BlueHost free web hosting features are free customer support, free domain name, free website builder, and free marketing credits.

Perhaps the most useful and beneficial feature that BlueHost offers you is access to SimpleScripts. SimpleScripts is a one stop shop for you where you can easily install about 70 third party applications with the simple click on a few buttons. These applications can range from WordPress to shopping cart software to content management systems and much more. It is a great feature offered by BlueHost.

bluehost vs godaddy

With all these BlueHost features you are probably thinking to yourself that this is going to be expensive. Well, you are wrong. The normal BlueHost price is $6.95 a month but when you use our exclusive BlueHost coupon you will only pay $3.95 a month on a two or three year plan. This is a huge savings and can only be used by clicking on our official BlueHost promo links.

BlueHost $6.95 3.95

While we did mention that BlueHost offers reseller web hosting, we aren’t going to go too deep into. Reseller hosting are designed for people that want to sell web hosting to clients, friends, or anybody for that matter while not having to own and maintain the servers. We will give you some of the key highlights of the BlueHost reseller hosting plans though. There are three plans to choose from ranging in price from $19.95 a month up to $99.95 a month. All of the BlueHost reseller hosting plans offer you the ability to have unlimited accounts.

BlueHost vs. GoDaddy – GoDaddy Analysis

Moving on to GoDaddy in this GoDaddy vs. BlueHost article, GoDaddy has taken a different approach to their business. They have chosen to offer many products to their users. Almost a one stop shop. While this may sound good, we need to caution you that it might not always be the best for you. We aren’t knocking GoDaddy because we think some of the GoDaddy products are amazing, but there are some that lack the added punch we want! To start with, unless you are getting a free domain name like you do with BlueHost, then you should be registering all your domain names with GoDaddy. They offer cheap domain names and a great domain auction service if you want to buy an already registered domain name. GoDaddy offers some of the best SSL certificates which are needed for any eCommerce website.

When it comes to GoDaddy web hosting, they offer basic shared web hosting, virtual dedicated servers, dedicated servers, and now cloud servers. Dedicated servers are used by people that are running very complex websites. Mainly people that are looking at a lot of traffic or have numerous websites. Dedicated servers are costly and require you to do all the maintenance. The GoDaddy dedicated servers start at $99.00 a month before you apply our GoDaddy coupon. Virtual servers are also known as VPS hosting and is similar to dedicated hosting with a few changes. You still have some control over the server, just not full control. The GoDaddy VPS hosting plans start at $29.99 a month before our 10% off GoDaddy promo.

GoDaddy Promo – 10% off entire order

What Web Host Ranking really wants to do in this BlueHost vs. GoDaddy review is to talk about the GoDaddy web hosting plans, shared web hosting plans that is. GoDaddy offers a basic plan consisting of one email account, 1 GB of data space, drag and drop website builder, and some other basic features. This plan will cost you about $4.74 a month on a 12 month plan. To upgrade to a plan similar to the one BlueHost offers it will cost $8.49 a month on a three year plan. This is where we think GoDaddy lags. Their web hosting plans are costly and don’t offer you all the tools the other top web hosting providers do.

When it comes to shared web hosting and reliable service, the winner of this BlueHost vs. GoDaddy review is hands down BlueHost. If you are running a dedicated server or need a domain name, then GoDaddy is your choice. While both of these top web hosting providers are consistently changing, Web Host Ranking will continue to monitor them and update this BlueHost vs. GoDaddy review as needed.