BlueHost vs iPage- Who has the best Price and Features?

Choosing between BlueHost vs iPage can be a hard decision, especially since they are so common. While both are currently owned by Endurance International Group, they do have some differences which can play a part in which one of these cheap web hosting providers to choose from.

When choosing BlueHost or iPage, the great thing is that no matter which of these cheap web hosting providers you choose, you are going to get some of the best web hosting you can find. Both iPage and BlueHost offer some amazing web hosting at very affordable prices.

In our iPage vs BlueHost review, we are going to talk about some key issues between the two hosts. Topics such as the BlueHost history, the BlueHost price, the iPage price, and what each host offers. Offers such as the BlueHost customer support and iPage eCommerce tools.

At the end of this BlueHost vs iPage review, we are going to rank each host of 30 points so you can see which one wins, BlueHost or iPage!

Host History of BlueHost and iPage

Back in 2003 Matt Heaton realized that he could start a cheap web hosting and offer more than the current providers were. As a result, Matt founded BlueHost web hosting along with his friend, Danny Ashworth. Matt and Danny started BlueHost in the small town of Provo, Utah. What was small company at that time, has now turned into a company with over 750 employees!

BlueHost grew so fast and became one of the top web hosting providers that it gained the attention of bigger companies in the market. About 7 years after BlueHost was founded, the history of BlueHost changed drastically. BlueHost was sold to Endurance International Group in 2010. EIG has taken BlueHost to even higher standards and offers more products than they ever have. With the addition of EIG staff, BlueHost was able to start offering VPS and Dedicated hosting to their clients in 2013.

iPage hit the world wide web in 1998 as a full web service provider. After going through some slow times, iPage rebranded themselves and changed the future of the company. iPage is one of the best web hosting providers now because of some changes that were made.

Perhaps the biggest change in the history of iPage occurred in 2009 when it was sold to Endurance International Group. Yes, the same company that bought BlueHost one year later.  The iPage history took a turn for mega success at this time. The team at EIG has driven iPage to the top and they now host over 1 million websites!

BlueHost Pricing vs iPage Pricing

The BlueHost pricing has been pretty consistent over the history of BlueHost. The most popular BlueHost price is always quoted as their shared web hosting. That is because the majority of BlueHost customers use shared web hosting. BlueHost offers three different shared web hosting plans that when you use our BlueHost coupon you can get it for as low as $2.95 a month!

There are some differences in the three BlueHost plans, but none of it will affect your overall performance. The main difference in the BlueHost price is some of features such as the number of domains you can host and the amount of disk storage you get. If you are looking for the top of the line plan, the BlueHost Plus or BlueHost Prime, you will only pay $5.95 a month with our BlueHost coupon!

No matter which BlueHost plan you choose for your shared web hosting needs, the BlueHost price you find on this website is for sure the best BlueHost price around!

When looking at the iPage price, you will see right off the get go that it is cheaper than the BlueHost price. You can get iPage web hosting for as low as $1.99 a month. That for the one and only iPage shared web hosting plan. Unlike BlueHost, iPage offers only one shared web hosting plan. The reason for that is they offer you all the tools you need in one plan. When using our iPage coupon for $1.99 a month, you get a ton of unlimited web hosting features such as disk space, hosted domains, MySQL databases and much more.

There is different iPage pricing for their VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. The iPage VPS hosting starts at $19.99 a month. The BlueHost VPS hosting also starts at $19.99 a month. iPage offers dedicated hosting for $119.99 a month while the BlueHost price for dedicated hosting starts at $79.99.

Both iPage and BlueHost offers WordPress hosting but we are going to talk more in depth about that later in this BlueHost vs iPage review.

iPage Support vs BlueHost Support

Perhaps the most important aspect in this iPage vs BlueHost review is the type of customer support that BlueHost and iPage offers their clients. Customer support in web hosting is extremely important because you are always going to use it!

The iPage support system is good when compared to a lot of other cheap web hosting providers. In every iPage web hosting plan that you order with our iPage coupon, you get toll free customer support, live chat, and a knowledge base. Perhaps the best feature of the iPage customer support is the iPage knowledge base system. iPage offers over 13 different topics with almost every question you can think of that deals with each topic.

Using the iPage live chat is easy also. After you put your name and domain name in you are directed to a very easy to use live chat system. We have used several web hosting support systems that claim to be live chat, but they aren’t! We have used this iPage support system many times and been very happy.

BlueHost offers one of the best support systems you will find in cheap web hosting. When comparing BlueHost vs iPage in customer support, you will find the only difference is that BlueHost offers a user forum in addition to toll free support, knowledge base, and live chat. The user forum is a nice addition to the BlueHost support because you can get even more topics covered.

The BlueHost customer support via live chat is identical to the iPage live chat. What is nice about the BlueHost live chat, along with the iPage chat, is that they are both available 24/7. Unlike a lot of other live chat sytems that close, BlueHost customer support never sleeps!

BlueHost WordPress Hosting vs iPage WordPress Hosting

As we mentioned earlier in this BlueHost vs iPage review, both of these top web hosting providers offer WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is perhaps the hottest type of web hosting in the industry. A lot of people are using BlueHost WordPress and iPage WordPress hosting to host not only blogs but also websites.

WordPress is one of the easiest to use web platforms. In both the BlueHost WordPress hosting and iPage WordPress hosting plans, you can easily add widgets and plug ins that can customize your site a lot.

You can use the standard BlueHost web hosting plans for WordPress but it best to use the BlueHost WordPress hosting instead. This BlueHost WordPress option is designed to host your website on the WordPress platform.  There are a few things are helpful when using WordPress hosting and BlueHost offers them. You want a fast, secure hosting plan and you get that with the BlueHost WordPress.

The BlueHost WordPress hosting plan is based on a VPS hosting ideal. They keep the number of hosted sites down so that the page load speed is slow. There is nothing worse than a slow website!

When it comes to the BlueHost WordPress hosting plans, you can choose from four plans. Those plans are the WP Standard, WP Enhanced, WP Premium, and WP Ultimate. The BlueHost WP Standard is the most popular plan and only costs $19.99 a month. The BlueHost WP Ultimate is the top of line plan and costs $49.99 a month.

With the BlueHost WordPress standard plan you get 100 million visits a month. That is a ton of monthly visits. If you need more choose the BlueHost WordPress Ultimate plan and you can have unlimited visits a month. On all the BlueHost WordPress hosting plans you get a 30 day money back guarantee, the cPanel control panel, and a free SSL certificate.

There are two iPage WordPress hosting plans to choose from, the WP Starter and WP Essential. Both of the iPage WordPress hosting plans are less expensive than the BlueHost WordPress hosting plans. The iPage WP starter plan costs $3.85 a month while the iPage WP Essential plan costs $6.95 a month.

Both of the iPage WordPress hosting plans include unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. The key difference in these two iPage WordPress hosting plans is the amount of site security you get and premium iPage customer support.

iPage has made sure that your WordPress hosting experience is flawless. They have handpicked several WordPress themes, and pre-installed plugins that you can easily access from your iPage control panel. Similar to the BlueHost WordPress hosting plans, iPage has paid special attention to their page load speed. The iPage WordPress hosting platforms are 2.5 times faster than the normal iPage platforms.

Control Panels of BlueHost & iPage

If you have never used a horrible control panel, then you are lucky! Fortunately, both the iPage control panel and BlueHost control panel are very user friendly. Both have taken this area very seriously as they know their clients must be able to navigate the control panel freely.

In 2017, iPage released the new and improved iPage control panel. Several changes were made to make the iPage control panel even better. With a simplified design, users can get from area to the next in the iPage control panel without any issues or delays.

Part of the new design on the iPage panel is the ability to quickly access your most used tools. The tools you need are right up front and clearly displayed on the home area of the iPage control panel.

BlueHost has taken the approach of not reinventing the wheel when the best already exists! That is why the BlueHost control panel is the cPanel. For many years the BlueHost cPanel has won many awards for it being user friendly.

Within the BlueHost control panel you can easily add a new website to your account, upgrade your account, or purchase of the BlueHost add-ons we are going to talk about later in this BlueHost vs iPage review.

Inside the BlueHost cPanel is where you can also access all the BlueHost support tools we discussed earlier on in this iPage vs BlueHost article. The cPanel control panel is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. We would be really surprised if the BlueHost control panel ever changed from the cPanel control panel.

BlueHost Add-ons & Upgrades

After you log into your BlueHost control panel you will see numerous tools that you have. One of those tools will lead you to an area where you can purchase BlueHost add-ons and BlueHost upgrades. Not every person using our BlueHost coupon will need to upgrade their account, but it is a nice feature to have access to. The BlueHost upgrades can deal with themes, new domain names, eCommerce tools, and SEO tools. There are a ton to choose from but here are our top 5 BlueHost Add-ons and Upgrades:

Bluehost Domain Privacy- .99 cents per month

BlueHost Backups – $2.99 a month

BlueHost Sitelock- $23.88 per year

BlueHost Dedicated IP address- $5.99 per month

BlueHost SpamExperts- $2.99 a month

iPage Add-ons & Upgrades

iPage offers you many extra services if you choose. The iPage add-ons are right in line with the BlueHost addon’s. You would think that when using our iPage coupon you would need to purchase a lot of iPage addon’s or iPage upgrades. That is not true.

The reason some iPage customers need to purchase iPage add-ons is to make their website more customized and perform better for various reasons. Thera are a lot of iPage add-ons to choose from. We have tried a lot of them and here are the top 5 iPage Add-ons and Upgrades in our opinion:

iPage premium SEO services- $29.95 per year

iPage Gmail Email hosting- $5.00 per month

iPage Constant Contact- Free for the first 3 months!

iPage backup- $1.14 per month

iPage credit card processing with PaymentSphere- $4.95 a month

BlueHost eCommerce vs iPage eCommerce

More and more companies are having to go to eCommerce hosting because of the popularity of online shopping. It is evident daily when you see large brick and mortar stores going out of business because they can’t compete with online stores. BlueHost offers eCommerce hosting features to make sure you get what you need.

You have many choices when it comes to eCommerce hosting but the BlueHost eCommerce hosting is one of the best. Known to many people as the BlueHost WooCommerce hosting, this is a top of the line plan. WooCommerce is an amazing plugin you that use with WordPress. Think of this as the BlueHost WordPress and BlueHost eCommerce joining hands!

WooCommerce is a powerful shopping platform that is very easy to set up. Perhaps the most important part of the BlueHost WooCommerce hosting is how secure it is. You can easily accept payments and your customers will be relieved to know you use a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate.

With regards to the BlueHost eCommerce tools you have access to, you can get VPS hosting or dedicated hosting as an upgrade to your shared hosting. Both are geared towards larger eCommerce sites. In addition, as we mentioned above in the BlueHost upgrades, you can get a better SSL certificate from BlueHost should you need one. BlueHost also offers a ton of shopping carts to choose from in the BlueHost Mojo market.

The BlueHost WooCommerce hosting plan is only $6.95 a month. That is a great deal when you consider how many BlueHost eCommerce hosting features you get. Trust BlueHost with your next eCommerce website!

Not to be outdone by the BlueHost WooCommerce plan, iPage is a top provider of eCommerce web hosting. You can easily accept credit cards with iPage making it easier for you to sell your products! From your iPage control panel, you can choose several iPage shopping carts and payment gateways. Some are free and some are iPage add-ons that are worth it.

Perhaps the most important iPage eCommerce tool is the Positive SSL certificate. For only $39.99 a year, you can protect all of your customer’s sensitive information making their online shopping experience the safest it can be.


There is a lot of information in this BlueHost vs iPage review and you could be having an overload at this time.  That is why we are going to end this iPage vs BlueHost review with our unique scoring system so you can easily see who we recommend.

If you are going to go just off the BlueHost price and iPage price then iPage wins this area. While the BlueHost price is good, it scores a 4 out of 5. Even though the BlueHost price is $2.95 a month, the iPage price is only $1.99 a month. As a result of that, the iPage price scores a 5 out of 5 just because it is cheap!

Choosing between the iPage customer support and BlueHost customer support is hard. The BlueHost customer support has a few more options than the iPage support. In our opinion, based on experience, the BlueHost support scored a 5 out of 5. The iPage customer support scored a 4 out of 5. BlueHost support is the winner because of their user forum.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, you can’t go wrong with either the BlueHost WordPress hosting plan or the iPage WordPress hosting plan. Even though we love the BlueHost WordPress hosting plans, they score a 4 out of 5. The only thing keeping the BlueHost WordPress hosting plans from being a 5 is their price. Some people may not want to pay that much for WordPress hosting. The iPage WordPress hosting is a great choice. You get a ton of features and a cheap iPage price when choosing the iPage WordPress hosting plan. The iPage WordPress hosting scores a 5 out of 5.

We love the BlueHost cPanel control panel. It is easy to use and navigate. The BlueHost control panel scores a 5 out of 5. While we tend not like to like non cPanel control panels, the iPage control panel is great. It too is easy to use and customer friendly. The iPage control panel scores a 5 out of 5 also.

Both BlueHost and iPage score a 5 out of 5 for their add-on’s and upgrades. Both of these companies offer a ton of addon’s and web hosting upgrades within their control panel. Neither of these cheap web hosting companies overcharge in this area which is nice.

eCommerce hosting is very important and BlueHost has taken it to a new level with the BlueHost WooCommerce plan. The BlueHost eCommerce hosting scores a 4 out of 5. iPage eCommerce hosting is good but not easily accessible as the BlueHost WooCommerce plan. You have to use iPage addon’s to get some of the eCommerce tools you need. While you can get everything you need from iPage, it just takes a little longer. The iPage eCommerce hosting scores a 3 out of 5.

Overall, BlueHost web hosting scores a 27 out of 30 compared to iPage web hosting scoring a 27 out of 30. Yes! We had a tie in our BlueHost vs iPage review! The great thing when choosing between BlueHost or iPage is that you can’t go wrong. Both of these companies offer some of the best web hosting you can find at very affordable pricing. Especially when you use our BlueHost coupon or iPage coupon to sign up for either of them.