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GoDaddy Web Hosting- GoDaddy web hosting offers you everything you need. From affordable web hosting to cheap domains to dedicated servers, GoDaddy has it. Keep reading our GoDaddy review for more info and a GoDaddy promo code. GoDaddy web hosting!

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Almost every person has heard of GoDaddy. The reason for that is because GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting providers there is. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that they do a ton of marketing. Set aside the GoDaddy marketing, all of the GoDaddy reviews that you read are very positive. As Web Host Ranking mentioned in the opening paragraph, GoDaddy is truly a one stop shop. Since this is an unbiased GoDaddy review, we don’t have a problem saying some GoDaddy features are the best while some are just good. In this Web Host Ranking GoDaddy review, we are going to cover all the aspects of GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Domain Registrations- Perhaps the best thing that GoDaddy is known for is their cheap domain names. GoDaddy is the number one provider for domain name registrations. They offer all domain extensions for you to choose and many extras such as transferring domains, parking domains, and private domain registration. Read any GoDaddy review and you’ll see they are the best domain name registrar.

GoDaddy Web Hosting- GoDaddy offers both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. If there is one weak area for GoDaddy it is their web hosting. Not the features but the price. The base plan is about $2.99 a month but is very limited in terms of features when compared to other top web hosts. To get to a comparable plan from GoDaddy you are going to need the GoDaddy unlimited web hosting plan which cost you about $9.00 a month. While the GoDaddy price might scare some people off, a lot of people don’t mind spending the extra few dollars to get the GoDaddy name attached to it. Along with shared web hosting, GoDaddy offers WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Grid hosting, and Blog hosting. Read web hosting reviews and look for GoDaddy reviews – they have some of the best pricing on hosting.

GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Servers- Virtual dedicated servers are great for people that need more control than shared servers but not quite ready or want to spend the extra money on dedicated servers. GoDaddy offers CentOS, Fedora, and Windows servers to choose from. They then offer five different levels of virtual dedicated servers to choose from ranging in price from $24.00 a month to $120.00 a month. The most popular GoDaddy VPS plan is the Value plan which only costs $32.00 a month.

GoDaddy Dedicated Servers- For the ultimate control of your web hosting servers, try the GoDaddy dedicated servers. Offering four operating systems to choose from, GoDaddy has you covered when it comes to dedicated hosting. With prices starting at about $64 a month, you can get a very affordable dedicated server from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates- If you have an eCommerce website you absolutely need an SSL certificate. What is great about the GoDaddy SSL certificates is that you can get one SSL certificate and it will cover unlimited servers and unlimited usage. The GoDaddy SSL certificates are also considered to be some of the most secure SSL certificates out there, thus your website is going to be secure leaving your customers feeling safe. The GoDaddy SSL certificates as low as $27.49 a year. Not that expensive to have the added security. Check out GoDaddy review for SSL certs online – they have the best pricing for SSL.

While Web Host Ranking didn’t go into specific features with all the GoDaddy products, we wanted to keep this a real general GoDaddy review so that you can see that GoDaddy is a one stop shop for your web hosting solutions. To find out more about GoDaddy and save 10% off your entire order, click on our official GoDaddy links. Check out the GoDaddy Coupon below.

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