WebzPro Review

Need a reliable web host? Look no further, you may have just found one of the most reliable hosts available. WebHostRanking is pleased to announce that WebzPro is the winner of our Most Reliable Host award, continue reading to learn more.

With all of the new web hosting providers joining the market everyday it is easy to find cheap web hosting, but finding reliable cheap web hosting can be another story. Many web hosts have found it easy to buy a server and start leasing space on that server to many people, which allows them to sell the same web hosting package to as many people they think their server can manage. This shared server concept works very well and can be very profitable with the right combination of people per server. Most web hosts do a great job in managing their shared servers to make sure no one website is using up too much space or that the server is not overloaded. The problem with this is when web hosts get greedy and want to allow more websites on their server than it can feasibly handle. When a server gets overloaded it may have extremely long page load times or even have outages, making the not only the server but also the web host unreliable. A reliable web host can guarantee you an “uptime” of at least 99.9% of the time, naturally there are a few outside unforeseen circumstances that allow for the .1% when a server may go down. One of the reasons we chose WebzPro is because of their remarkable reliability with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Another factor in choosing a reliable host is found in their hardware. Unlike many other web hosting providers that lease equipment from huge server warehouses, WebzPro owns and operates their own web servers. The WebzPro servers are some of the most up-to-date servers available in the market today, and the way in which they are configured makes them lightening fast. WebzPro is very proud of their servers, and convinced you will see and feel a difference when experiencing it, they allow you to do a quick speed test from their site (found at http://www.webzpro.net/testzip.zip). Owning, operating, maintaining, and managing their own servers gives WebzPro a definite advantage over many other web hosting companies.

The software a web hosting company choose to offer in their web hosting packages can also play a critical part in your web hosting experience. With WebzPro you can always count on having the latest and greatest software available, as different software versions are made available or upgraded WebzPro will always make sure you have the best. WebzPro even allows you to demo some of their great quality hosting features so there is no surprise once you sign up. From the WebzPro website you can the ever popular cPanel control panel, Script Installers, the RVSiteBuilder, and the Trendy Sitebuilder. By being able to demo the software prior to signing up for a WebzPro account you will not only be able to see but also experience how your web hosting account will work.

WebzPro offers 4 choices in web hosting packages – Economy, Plus, Advance, and Pro. ALL of these plans include a number of unlimited features including allowed domains, sub-domains, email addresses, MySQL databases and much more. The biggest difference in these plans can be found within the amount of disk space and data transfer you are allowed, which is as follows:

  • Economy – 3GB disk space 50GB data transfer
  • Plus – 6GB disk space 100GB data transfer
  • Advanced – 12GB disk space 200GB data transfer
  • Pro – 18GB disk space 300GB data transfer

There are also a great deal of advanced features included/available such as: e-Commerce, Private SSL, SSH Access, and Daily/Weekly backups. Additional discounts are available for those willing to pay on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plan.

All WebzPro products and services are backed by around the clock support. Their support staff is 100% USA based, use English as a first language, and are able to communicate with people at all levels of web hosting experience. WebzPro also has a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your web hosting experience they will refund your money – no questions asked.

Visit the WebzPro site today for more information, or to signup for some of the most reliable web hosting services.