HostMonster vs HostGator

HostMonster vs HostGator– The battle of cheap web hosting companies that both start with Host!!! In this HostMonster vs. HostGator review, Web Host Ranking is going to take a look at both of these companies closely so that you can make an educated decision when choosing between HostGator or HostMonster. The best part of this HostGator vs. HostMonster review is that we have an exclusive link to a HostMonster coupon and HostGator coupon code that will save you some serious money when choosing between two of the best web hosting companies!

Web Host Ranking feels it is best to do this review by first explaining to you all you need to know about both of these companies then giving you are recommendation between HostMonster or HostGator. Let’s first start with HostMonster web hosting.

HostMonster vs. HostGator – HostMonster Features:

HostMonster web hosting has been around for over a decade. One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that HostMonster is the sister company of BlueHost. That is a great thing for their customers because all their resources are doubled! With HostMonster there are a lot of key features that not only include all the unlimited web hosting features but things that people take for granted when looking for an affordable web hosting provider. For instance, with HostMonster web hosting you get 100% US based customer support. Free customer support to top it off! Unlike a lot of other cheap web hosting providers, you don’t have to speak to a non English speaking person to get help. Plus, read all the HostMonster reviews and you will see how happy people are a result of that. In addition, with HostMonster you get nothing but the best in terms of technology. HostMonster reviews all the newest products and only uses what they think is the best for their customers. We are talking about the best servers, best cooling systems, and third party applications. All resulting in you having the best web hosting you can possibly find!

Web Host Ranking briefly mentioned third party applications and web hosting features in the above paragraph, but it is now time in this HostMonster vs HostGator review to look at the HostMonster web hosting features.

  • Unlimited: Disk space, Data transfer, Hosted domains, Email accounts, Subdomains, FTP accounts, and Customer support.
  • Free: Domain name, Website builder, Customer support, Search engine submission, and Google advertising credits.
  • Multimedia features: Supports streaming video, Supports streaming audio, Real audio and video support, Flash support, MIDI file support, and Macromedia Shockwave support.
  • eCommerce features: SSL secure server, OS Commerce shopping cart, Agora shopping cart, Free generated certificate, Password protected directories, and Open PGP/GPG encryption.

Perhaps one of the best features of HostMonster web hosting that you read in this HostMonster review other than our HostMonster coupon is that HostMonster offers you the ability to access SimpleScripts from the cPanel control panel. SimpleScripts is the largest third party application installer you will find. It makes it so easy for you to find and install all the popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, website builders, forum software, and so much more! Web Host Ranking can’t stress how important and nice it is to have SimpleScripts.


Hostmonster vs Hostgator

By now you have to be asking how much does HostMonster cost. The HostMonster price is normally $6.95 a month but when you use our exclusive HostMonster promo link you will pay as low as $3.95 a month! That is a huge savings and nearly 50% off the normal HostMonster price. The only way to get this HostMonster discount price is to click on our official HostMonster coupon links!


HostMonster $6.95 3.95


Now onto the second web hosting provider in this HostMonster vs HostGator review. You guessed it right, HostGator!

HostMonster vs. HostGator – HostGator Features:

HostGator web hosting has been around just as long as HostMonster and not only offers shared web hosting but also reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. The fact that HostGator offers more types of web hosting than HostMonster doesn’t mean that HostGator is better than HostMonster. It just means that HostGator has decided to go in different directions in their business portfolio. Web Host Ranking is going to briefly touch all types of web hosting that HostGator offers in this HostGator vs HostMonster review.

The HostGator web hosting for shared plans is offered in three plans. The three plans vary in features and are priced from $3.96 a month up to $10.36 a month. The most common HostGator web hosting plan costs $6.36 a month. This HostGator plan is also the most comparable to the HostMonster plan. You get unlimited disk space, unlimited data bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains, and all the basic features. The listed HostGator price is due to our HostGator coupon that will save you 20% off your invoice. Take advantage of this HostGator promo by clicking on the below HostGator discount price link.


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The HostGator reseller web hosting plans are designed for the reseller who wants to offer the basic plan all the way up to the ultimate plan. The price of the HostGator reseller hosting plans vary from $19.96 a month up to $99.95 a month. In all of the HostGator reseller hosting plans you get to host unlimited domains.

Just like the HostGator reseller hosting, the HostGator VPS hosting plans vary in size and features. Starting at $31.96 a month and going all the way up $209.95 a month. In the HostGator VPS hosting plans you can choose between the cPanel control panel or the Plesk control panel and come with unlimited features for MySQL, FTP, and hosted domains.

When it comes to dedicated servers, they aren’t cheap! That includes the HostGator dedicated servers. They will run you a minimum of $139 a month all the way up to $374.00 a month. The high cost of these is because of all the features you get. Dedicated servers aren’t for the majority of the people.

HostMonster vs. HostGator – Winner!!!!

So who wins this HostGator vs HostMonster review….in our eyes the clear winner for shared web hosting is HostMonster. You get a ton of features at a very great price!

HostMonster $3.95