When to Upgrade to VPS Hosting From Shared Hosting

For those with bogged down servers and too-large-to-handle websites, it might be a good idea to look into when to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting. If your website is bringing in more web traffic than you originally anticipated when you first created your web hosting account, it might be time to consider upgrading your web hosting account to a Virtual Private Server rather than continue your service using shared web hosting. Many of the best web hosting providers will make the switch to upgrade your website to a VPS instead of a shared web hosting server a pretty seamless process. If you are unhappy with your current shared web hosting company, you might want to use this opportunity to upgrade your web hosting services to VPS by using another web hosting company instead. There are plenty of the best VPS hosting companies available for your consideration. However, before you make any drastic, and often more expensive changes, you are going to want to know exactly when to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting. To help you make this important decision, let’s take a look at the differences between a VPS host and shared hosting so you can learn when is the best time to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting.

When to Upgrade to VPS Hosting From Shared Hosting:

The primary difference between shared web hosting and VPS is the amount of space you can have to build your website. Shared web hosting is run by the web hosting company with you as the website administrator. As the admin you are allowed to manage your own website settings. However when it comes to space and security, those matters are handled by the web hosting company. Each web hosting account, with shared web hosting, uses the same memory, CPU and disk space, which is why it can be limited. Unfortunately if you find that your website needs more accommodations, you are going to want to consider upgrading to VPS hosting from shared web hosting.

With VPS, you are allocated a certain amount of resources that are dedicated to your web hosting account. However with VPS, each customer is separated from the others instead of sharing web hosting utilities. This means that another web hosting customer cannot affect your web hosting experience because you are not sharing. This increases the quality of your web hosting service. However, it is important to keep in mind that VPS hosting is more expensive from shared web hosting. Shared web hosting can literally cost dollars per month for the web host admin depending on the services needed. However, VPS can be six or seven times that amount. However, those with a high-traffic website or a website with numerous web pages, it is important to note that your web hosting needs are likely to exceed the provisions of a shared web hosting package.

If you are already making money with your website, and stand to make more money with an even larger and more accommodating website, it might be time to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting. This investment is not only likely to bring your website more traffic, customers and an increase in profits, but it is going to make your overall web hosting experience that much better. VPS hosting allows for the software to be more customized depending on the preference of the website admin. This means your web hosting experience is going to be better catered to what you are expecting and what you need out of a web hosting company. You won’t have to worry about sharing any of these programs with any other users unlike with shared web hosting.

If you are trying to figure out when to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting, you also might want to consider your website security needs. VPS is separated as the operating level, which means security measures are already better when you make the switch to VPS hosting. When you are no longer sharing important web hosting measures like CPU and disk space, you are not in danger of your web hosting account from being compromised from the shared data. With shared web hosting, if another customer fails to upgrade their own security measure or update their blog software to correct certain security risks, you might be at risk security-wise with your own website. If hackers get into their shared web hosting account, they are more likely to move directly into your account if you are still on the same shared server.

If you are considering changing your web hosting provider so you can find the best VPS host available, there are many options to choose from. It is important to find a web hosting company that is affordable but is also feature heavy and offers the best in terms of reliability and security for your website. With VPS, there are a few other advantages such as regular backups, service monitoring, software updates, as well as security monitoring and software configuration. While you are paying more for VPS versus shared web hosting, it is often a better investment especially if you have the money to spend. If you have an online business that requires you to handle financial transactions online, you are going to want to make sure you have the best security possible, If this is a priority for your website, you might want to consider now as the time to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting.