Premium Domain Names

Premium Domain Names- Premium domain names are names that have been registered before and have returned to the market to be resold. Premium domain names shouldn’t be viewed as old and second-hand. Read this article to find out the value of premium domain names and why you should consider them.

More About Premium Domain Names

Premium domain names are also called aftermarket domain names. In other industries, aftermarket refers to add-ons that are purchased to enhance a previous purchase. For example, the auto industry has a thriving aftermarket stocked with materials, devices, and supplies to augment any vehicle’s look, performance, sound system, etc. Domain names reach the aftermarket in several ways. If a registrant fails to renew a domain name and pay the appropriate fee, the name is released to the market. Domain names that are registered by a party who intends to resell to the highest bidder also enter the aftermarket category. The aftermarket domains that are labeled as premium domain names, however, are those that meet some other criteria besides having been previously registered.

The Characteristics of Premium Domain Names

Besides having been previously registered, premium domain names partake of the following qualities and characteristics:

• Premium domain names are catchy, therefore easy to remember. Their memorability makes them valuable, because people will have any easy time finding them. Premium domains offered for sale at the time of this article’s writing include:


Each of these is short, no more than two words, and very clear about what is being described, even though in general names without hyphens are preferred.

• Premium domain names preferably have a top-level domain (the letters after the final dot in the URL) of .com, although .biz, .info, .net, and .org are included in the field as runners-up in some cases. Other top-level domains need not apply.

• Shorter names containing high-traffic keywords are most likely to be considered premium domain names.

• Doman names that have not only been registered for long enough to acquire a history, often several years, but also have achieved established traffic and search engine rank are the most valuable premium domain names.

• Premium domain names may be valued at as much as six figures, with sales of names for 8 figures being reported. Some of the highest prices paid for premium domain names include:

  • for $16 million
  • for $7.5 million
  • for $7 million
  • for $5.5 million
  • for $5.1 million

Often, a seller may use a domain name appraiser’s evaluation to justify an asking price. Even when dealing with prices well below these, asking for a copy of the appraisal and inviting a domain name appraiser of your own into the picture for an independent appraisal are both good plans. Keep in mind that all appraisals of domain names are speculative.

Reasons to Purchase Premium Domain Names

It’s not only people with millions to spend who seek premium domain names. Anyone who has ever had the experience of putting a name into the domain name search, only to find that it was already registered could be a candidate for a premium domain name if that name has entered the aftermarket. Another reason to consider a premium domain name is when the timing of your project requires a quick launch. Inserting a domain name with a history into the mix can help shorten the time that is usually required to gain name recognition on the Internet. Presumably, some percentage of the existing traffic can be converted, rather than having to build up traffic from scratch.

Where Do You Find Premium Domain Names?

Premium domain names are to be found in several locations. For one thing, individuals may sell premium domain names, as well as other domain names, on their own. Domain auction websites and domain listing services like Afternic for example are likely a safer bet for the purchaser because you can be sure an escrow service will be used to ensure a safe and fair transfer. Sometimes there is a set price, and sometimes you are invited to make an offer. You may feel more comfortable with one approach than the other.