Veracart Review

Veracart shopping cart software is one of the best complete eommerce solutions we have come across in a long time. This Utah based company started out in a basement in 2002. After nearly 10 years in the business they have learned exactly what it takes to be the best shopping cart provider. Not only do they have all the best shopping cart options and features to help you create the exact ecommerce site you want, they also provide the absolute best cart support. Creating an effective ecommerce site can be difficult, the staff at Veracart is available and wants to help you out. If you have any problems or questions just call or email and they will be more than happy to help. There extensive knowledge and willingness to help every customer is why we have awarded Veracart our Best Cart Support award.

In our Veracart review we will take a quick look at the options and features available to help you decide if their system is right for your business. One thing that caught our attention right away is how affordable it is to get started with the Veracart system. You don’t have to download anything to your computer, just sign up and then upload and manage everything right from your web browser. You don’t have to use your life savings or come up with several hundred dollars to purchase the software, Veracart plans start as low as $24 per month and come with free lifetime upgrades. The Veracart software works with any site, new or old, and is compatible with any hosting plan.

Let’s review the basic features included in the Silver business plan:

  • List unlimited products
  • Add unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 1 GB hard disk space
  • $25,000 monthly transaction limit
  • No transaction or hidden fees
  • Rock-solid reliability and performance
  • Customer friendly search and navigation options
  • Best online marketing tools
  • Detailed reporting

Obviously setting up your cart and getting it to work is the first step, but ultimately your goal is to have people find your site and purchase your product or service. Many ecommerce sites are all about the technical aspect, they are kinda computer nerds that love that kind of stuff, but don’t think much about the end-user; your customer! Veracart gets that a pretty, functional site isn’t all it takes to make your business a success. That is why their system allows you to see what keywords customers are searching, which products are being looked at most, and customer information that will help you create promotions and discounts that will keep your customers happy and increase your sales!

If you choose to use Veracart as your shopping cart software you are sure to have the best cart support, best features and best price. Visit the Veracart website to see all the details that we didn’t have time to tell you about. After a thorough review of the Veracart site, features, and service we are sure you will be as impressed with the Veracart system as we are. Check them out today!

Veracart Shopping Cart Software